The Parents Role

The Parents Role

Montessorians view parents as the primary teachers in a child’s life.  The more Montessori teachers and parents communicate and cooperate, the more the student in the Montessori School is likely to benefit.  Being supportive at home can be done best by first being informed.  It is advantageous to be aware of basic Montessori Philosophy and practices and to use these at home when appropriate.  Simple things like a step stool at the sink, coats hanging at a level at which the child can access, placing books, toys and art supplies in an orderly way on shelves may all help foster independence.

If you are interested in understanding the great works of Montessori and Montessori Education here are our recommendations for further reading:

We believe that parents are an essential part of the Montessori Method, and should be involved as much as possible in their child’s educational process.  We make it a point to have parents feel welcomed at our school.

Our school takes great pride in recognizing how important and successful parent involvement is, and we encourage our parents to take an active role in our school.  We offer the opportunity to visit, observe, give presentation to the class and volunteer to help with art projects or reading.


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